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Stars, hide your fires

Let not light see my black and deep desires

28 June 1987
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Oh well, what actually is there to say about me?
I'm addicted to cigarettes, caffeine, my pc and tend to use the last one explixitly for fan-stuff relating to my many fandoms.
I'm favoring Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Spartacus, classic Star Wars, Merlin, Indiana Jones, Robin Hood, Xena, Buffy, LotR, Final Fantasy 8 and Kingdom Hearts.
I developed a passion for horror movies, especially old or trashy ones, I'm a big fan of the Silent Hill universe, I'm obsessed with Shakespeare and I like to read a lot, at the moment especially Poppy Z. Brite and John Norman's Gor as well as Robert E.Howard and Karl Edward Wagner.
Bit of a lurker, really, here on LJ. I read a lot in several fan-communities and occasionally post a FanVid I've done ^^